About Us


We provide tools to allow you to finish the job. Throughout our seventy year history, we have been there, providing you the means to complete your products whether it be candy, ice cream, juice, bumpers, hinges, nails, PCBS, cell phones, computers, motorcycles, cars, perfumes, pomades, Q.C. controls and even the plain humble bread.

The company was established in 1939 and was originally known as NECO Trading. NECO started in the compounding of flavors, pomades, and perfumes, expanding to food colors and related materials, which became the company’s main products.

The marketing of electroplating chemicals began in 1958. Since then, NECO has become the leader specializing in the field of electroplating products which includes nickel, copper, chrome, zinc, and additions.

In 1968, NECO started selling laboratory chemicals, analytical reagents, and glassware lines of J.T. Baker and Mallinkrott Baker Inc.

In 1973, the manufacture of high quality polishing compounds started in our plant in San Pedro, Laguna. The technical know-how is thru the cooperation of C. Uyemura & Co, Ltd. of Osaka, Japan.

In 1976, a laboratory to analyze plating solutions was constructed because of the growing number of electroplating clients.

In 1997, bar coding were applied on all products.

In 2002, a joint-venture with Roha Dyechem, Ltd. was formed. As a result, a laboratory was constructed. It now serves to maintain our standards in quality.

To better serve our customers, a wide range of chemical products are readily available in our warehouses located strategically across the country.

As we look to the future, rest assure that you will always have a reliable, ever present partner in us, helping you finish the job.

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